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Poem: Rooms

Rooms BY CHARLOTTE MEW I remember rooms that have had their part      In the steady slowing down of the heart. The room in Paris, the room at Geneva, The little damp room with the seaweed smell, And that ceaseless … Continue reading

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“Report on a Threatened City” II

“Mass Suicide”: Which “technical device” is criticised? What does the short story say about it? “Laughter, Functions of, See Above”: What does this section confirm?

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“Report on a Threatened City” I

Answer the following questions related to Lessing’s short story. You have to read from Subservient Populations to Necessity to Condense Report, Power Failing.   Subservient Populations Why and how are people subservient? What’s the difference between the elders and the youngsters? Incapacity for fear … Continue reading

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Catching up with your virtual hour activities

Dear S4, here’s the list of activities that you have to comply with in this term: https://pchujman.cumbresblogs.com/2014/07/12/analysing-real-time/ https://pchujman.cumbresblogs.com/2014/06/17/typical-themes-in-renaissance-poetry/ https://pchujman.cumbresblogs.com/2014/06/10/figures-of-speech-in-queen-elizabeths-poem/ https://pchujman.cumbresblogs.com/2014/06/02/when-i-was-fair-and-young-and-powerful/ The marks of these activities are part of the mark of the second term. Best, Cecilia

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Analysing “Real Time”

For the virtual activity of the week, you’ve got to finish reading the short story by Chauduri. As you read, identify Western and Indian elements in the text and draw a chart with them. Also, keep on constructing the setting … Continue reading

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Your impression on Queen Elizabeth’s poem

Dear Majo and Fede, as we agreed on last class, below comment on what you understand when reading “when I was Fair and Young”. For that, ask your mates for notes. If you need any help, let me know. Best, … Continue reading

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Typical themes in Renaissance poetry

Below, list the different themes covered by the three Renaissance poems studied this far.

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Figures of speech in Queen Elizabeth’s poem

Re-read “When I was fair and young” and: -identify figures of speech used in each stanza; -analyse their effect on the meaning of the poem.

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When I was Fair and Young… and powerful!

Follow the link and read its article ARTICLE In your first approach to the article, you should: – Think of how the text is related to Queen Elizabeth’s poems – Jot down the main ideas of the text. Hope to … Continue reading

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