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Project: What is Love?

I have already shared my favourite love song with you. Now it is your turn.

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Literature and Songs

In the Language and Literature class, the students shared their favourite songs and said why they loved them. We all used twitter to -give opinions -spot literary devices -share images

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Songs to protest

Songs are always written for a purpose, to communicate a message, as any form of text. In this case, we’ll focus on songs written to protest about an important issue. Musicians of all genres have voiced their support for causes … Continue reading

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Songs and Literature

Activity 1 In class, we have been discussing our favourite songs. We shared lyrics we adore and we debated and commented on them. We also read an article about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature! WOW!!! Now, we … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan: Literature Nobel Prize

Bob Dylan is a great songwriter and has been awarded with the Literature Nobel Prize. Here 15 love songs Choose one you like, analyse it and make a comment in your blog!  

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Literature Nobel Prize

After reading about Bob Dylan and why he waas chosen for theLiterature Nobel Prize, let`s analyse some of his best lyrics. Top 10 Lyrics Bob Dylan teaches you everything about LOVE in 7 songs Choose one, read his lyrics and … Continue reading

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