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A View from the Bridge

We have all read quitea lot about Act 1. Now, let`s work on the following quotations. -Who said it? -What is going on? -What implications can you see? -Any language iem that calls your attention?  “Enter Alfieri, a lawyer in … Continue reading

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Games at Twilight

This time, we aregoing to focus on important quotations from the story in connection to the following ideas: -Rite of Passage -specular moment -death metaphors -foreshadowing -tense mood -Ravi`s feelings (before playing, during the game, and afterwards) In groups, prepare … Continue reading

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William Shakespeare´s 450 Anniversary!!

Can you believe it? He will be 450 years old on April 23!! Let´s celebrate his birthday preparing posters using his most famous quotations. Illustrate the posters and the quotations you choose! Use Glogster to make your posters and the following … Continue reading

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Using quotations

Introducing quotations from Pato_Ch

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“The Great Gatsby”: Famous quotations

Quotes: Choose one that find interesting and important and say why it is relevant in the novel. Can you provide another quotation that you find interesting and it is not on this list? “Whenever you feel like criticizing any one…just … Continue reading

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