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Time Periods in Literature

We are going to do some research on Literary periods to understand writers and the literature that took place over different socio-historical eras. Task 1: Read and investigate Literary periods Literary periods and movements Task 2: Prepare a timeline using … Continue reading

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The Destructors

We have been working on War Poetry, a literary movement that criticized WWI. Now, we are going to read a story: THE DESTRUCTORS by G. Greene which deals with the results of WWII in Britain. The story begins by introducing … Continue reading

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Parts of the Paper and Research Time

Title Quotation (by another author but related to your paper) Index Biography of writer (and director in the case of choosing a movie too) Context of production (historical, social, literary context) Thesis question Introduction Body development Conclusion Bibliography (appropriate citation) … Continue reading

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Finding Our Roots

People from all over the world are participating in this project! Soon, we´ll get to know some of them http://popplet.com/app/#/947228

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Project work: Finding our roots

Hi Senior 2 Again this year, we are working with people from different schools all over the world. Use this link Acrostic Poems to introduce yourself. Here is my introduction.   Please, share the final version of your poem with … Continue reading

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Our project partners!!


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The role of global learning in staff development and school improvement

Schools looking to other countries for ideas, professional development and best practice are reaping the results, writes Kerry Eustice Schools looking to other countries for ideas and practice are reaping the results. Photograph: Hans Peter Merten/Getty Images “When we talk … Continue reading

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