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Time Periods in Literature

We are going to do some research on Literary periods to understand writers and the literature that took place over different socio-historical eras. Task 1: Read and investigate Literary periods Literary periods and movements Task 2: Prepare a timeline using … Continue reading

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Review on Literary Devices

Last year, when we analysed poems and stories, we paid attention to literary devices that are used to enrich the texts.Here some games to review some of them Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Are there new terms for you? … Continue reading

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Literature and Paintings

Who decides what art means? Let’s discuss the different paintings you have brought to class. Then, there is some work in classroom to do in groups.

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Point of View

Point of view is the “eye” or narrative voice through which you tell a story. When you write a story, you must decide who is telling the story, and to whom they are telling it. The story could be told … Continue reading

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Poetry Presentations

Presentation 1 If thou must love me from Pato_Ch Presentation 2 The Pains of Sleep by Juana, Bianca and Sol Presentation 3 I years had been from home from Pato_Ch Presentation 4 A wife in london by thomas hardy from … Continue reading

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Art and Literature

Let’s watch some videos https://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-art-can-help-you-analyze-amy-e-herman https://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-art-gives-shape-to-cultural-change-thelma-golden https://ed.ted.com/lessons/jane-hirshfield-the-art-of-the-metaphor Now, choose a painting that you like and work on: the artista and the art movement where the painting is (museum, important building, etc) what the painting transmits imagine the story behind the … Continue reading

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Music is poetry to our ears and poetry is music to our eyes!

Thanks Senior 5 for such a nice day! We shared music and ideas, thoughts and memories! Tomorrow….the second part!

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The Lady in the Looking Glass

The writer Read about her and watch the video: -write down important facts about her life -her influence on women writers -the technique she introduced in Literature The story: The Lady in the Looking Glass Post everything in your blog

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Mock exams IGCSE Literature

Let´s start thinking about coping with the exam… IGCSE Literature from Pato_Ch IGCSE Literature from Pato_Ch IGCSE Literature from Pato_Ch Prose Question In a nutshell: Do you know the plot of the whole text? Can  you use quotes to prove … Continue reading

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Literary Devices

Hi everyone! This presentation shows some of the literary devices we´ll be working with this year, especially those you already learnt in previous years! Our challenge is to learn more and more so that we get to understand texts pretty … Continue reading

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