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Literary terms: Games

Try these different links to play games! Game 1 Game 2 Games 3 Game 4  

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Welcome Senior 1

Hello everyone! Nice to be with you again this year and to share new experiences. This year, we’ll be working on Literature and we’ll be reading poetry, stories and a drama play.           We are starting our … Continue reading

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Literary Devices: Review

Let`s work on literary devices and practice everything we know!! Trivia Quiz Game Flashcards game Complete this in your Blog: Literary terms to choose from: Allusion Climax Foreshadowing Flashback Genre Imagery Irony Metaphor Mood Narrator Onomatopeia Parody Personification Refrain Satire … Continue reading

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Literary Devices

Hi everyone! This presentation shows some of the literary devices we´ll be working with this year, especially those you already learnt in previous years! Our challenge is to learn more and more so that we get to understand texts pretty … Continue reading

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Literary Terms Game

Play the game

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What Is the Function of Enjambment in Poetry?

The function of enjambment in poetry is typically to allow an idea to continue beyond the limitations of a single line, often to reinforce certain ideas within the lines themselves.Enjambment can also be used to surprise a reader, by setting up one idea in … Continue reading

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Literary Terms

Hello everyone! This is the ppt we worked on during our first class.   Littermsppt from Pato_Ch

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