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Project: Art as a form of creation

War Poetry Task 1: The following questions are just a guide for you to prepare a presentations on war poetry. What is war poetry? Name some war poets and famous poems. How are soldiers typically portrayed?  Is there a common … Continue reading

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Games at Twilight: analysis by Mara Ripoll, Florencia Araya and Lucila Giambruni

Great work girls!!   Topic Quotation Explanation / Impact on the reader Rite of Passage “He had sidled away and sat dejectedly on the flower pot.” This quotation shows how Ravi drifts away from his familiar environment to hide from … Continue reading

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Dear students, Here the list of groups, poems and presentation dates. Read carefully so you know exactly what to do. Poem analysis: take this into account: -Setting, time and place of the poem. Try to understand the context that encouraged … Continue reading

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