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Project: What is Love?

I have already shared my favourite love song with you. Now it is your turn.

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Lion: A Long Way Home’ is the true story of Saroo Brierley, a young man adopted by an Australian couple after he became lost in India at age 5. The story centres on his memories of his early life and … Continue reading

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Encuentro #2

Antes de nuestro segundo encuentro, el lunes 22 de abril, les pido que vean el siguiente video: En nuestro encuentro veremos otra charla y trabajaremos algunas dinámicas! Los espero! Pat

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For Heidi with Blue Hair

For heidi-with-blue-hair from Pato_Ch Let´s discuss this poem together!! There are lots of things to talk about! For Heidi with Blue Hair When you dyed your hair blue (or, at least ultramarine for the clipped sides, with a crest of jet-black spikes on top) you were sent home from school because, … Continue reading

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Overcoming problems and fears

Most of you chose songs in connection to “overcoming problems, fears and obstacles” Take a look at these quotatios. Choose 3 and write a short paragraph saying why you feel identified with them, why you like them and what they … Continue reading

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