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If Thou Must Love Me

We are going to read and analyse 2 poems (This activity will take 3 classes) Task 1: She was called “the feminist Victorian writer”. Do some research and tell me why. (write answers in your folder to be discussed later) … Continue reading

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Good Bye Senior 5

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Project: The Poetry of Ted Hughes

Objectives: -To learn about the writer and how animals are presented in his poems. -To explore the theme man vs nature -to explore the concept of the dark side of the self. -to be able to apply these ideas and … Continue reading

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Topics for the Research Paper

Choose a topic and do research on the writer/writers and the literary movement. GOTHIC LITERATURE Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Read the book and then decide on the topic you would like to develop. VICTORIAN TIMES The Picture of Dorian Gray … Continue reading

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Rite of Passage

Gennep’s major work was Les Rites de Passage (1909; The Rites of Passage), in which he systematically compared those ceremonies that celebrate an individual’s transition from one status to another within a given society. He found a tripartite sequence in ritual observance: separation, transition, and incorporation. … Continue reading

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Poetry Presentations

Presentation 1 If thou must love me from Pato_Ch Presentation 2 The Pains of Sleep by Juana, Bianca and Sol Presentation 3 I years had been from home from Pato_Ch Presentation 4 A wife in london by thomas hardy from … Continue reading

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Rising Five

Check out this video to understand the poem deeply. Rising Five by Norman Nicholson Take notes of the following: -Voice -Theme -Tone -Literary devices (visual images, symbols, alliteration, etc) After this, go to classroom to work on a worksheet.

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A View from the Bridge: Review

This year we are going to review the play we read in Senior 1. Study guide  Complete guide to all the play A view-from-the-bridge-revision-guide from Pato_Ch   A view from the bridge from krowland

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Poem: Stabat Mater

Read this poem from your book or booklet. Get to know the poet: Sam Hunt Complete the following chart and post it in your blog. Context     Themes     Literary devices (what are they used for? What is … Continue reading

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Poem: Rooms

Rooms BY CHARLOTTE MEW I remember rooms that have had their part      In the steady slowing down of the heart. The room in Paris, the room at Geneva, The little damp room with the seaweed smell, And that ceaseless … Continue reading

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Writing your third term paper

Before writing your paper, take a look at these guides: A guide to writing the literary analysis essay de Pato_Ch Writing a Literary Analysis de Gayla Keesee

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Thinking, reflecting, writing….

“The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.” -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Let`s listen to her!! The danger of a … Continue reading

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