Project: War Poetry

This is the first part of our project this year.

We’ll be working on WAR POETRY

Task 1: The following questions are just a guide for you to prepare a mind map on war poetry. (you don’t need to answer the questions)

  1. What is war poetry?
  2. Name some war poets and famous poems.
  3. How are soldiers typically portrayed?  Is there a common theme which unites the various countries?  What do these representations tell us about  the society which produced such an image?
  4. What are the roles which children played in wartime propaganda”  Why were children “essential victims” in the war?
  5. What was the role played by women in war times?
  6. What is the typical message/imagery in war poems?
  7. Overall, what value does poetry have for the historian of war?  Can poetry be used to examine the nature of the war experience, and if so, how?  Are there other sources which are “better” for the study of war, and if so what/why?

Some links to help you

Get ready to discuss ideas

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