Working on Connectors


Class 1 (March 3)

Task 1

Ex 1      Ex 2    Ex 3    Ex 4     Ex 5     Ex 6    Ex 7    Ex 8     Ex 9     Ex 10

As you work on the different exercises (if any link does not work, don’t worry), take notes of those linkers/connectors that are difficult for you.

If possible, write down the example(s) you could not work out.

Task 2

After working on connectors, you are going to create a quiz to test your classmates!

Be Creative and Have Fun Journal: Not Available: Office Products

Group work: Use one of the following tools to create a 10 question quiz and share it in your blog:

-google forms

-/ (register for free, it is really easy to use and then you can publish it in your blog)

Class 2 (March 9)

Task 3: Visit blogs of different students to try their quizzes!!!

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