Project: The Poetry of Ted Hughes


-To learn about the writer and how animals are presented in his poems.

-To explore the theme man vs nature

-to explore the concept of the dark side of the self.

-to be able to apply these ideas and concepts to man and society today

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Task 1: Read his Biography

Task 2: Read this article:

Task 3: Here some ideas about man and animals in his poetry

Man and animals from Pato_Ch

Task 4: Each group will be given a poem and then, once you are together you’ll choose another one from the list, or any other poem by the author in which an animal is presented.


“The Thought Fox” (Rama- Luz- Sofi M)

“Pike” (Tomy B- Oli-Sol)

“View of a Pig” (Juan- Valen-Bianca)

“Hawk Roosting” (Fran A- Anouk-Mati R)

“Crow’s First Lesson”  (Belu BP- Gon I-Abru)

“The Horses” (Bauti B- Trini- Oliverio- Fran M)

“The Jaguar” (Luli C- Marcos O- Juani)

You can listen to the poems in Spotify. Here some of them, but you can find the others, too.

Task 5: Presentation

What must be included?

-A short biography of the writer and why he uses animals in his poems

-Analysis of 2 poems (themes, tones, and other literary devices)

-work on the topic: man and nature

-connection to the short story we have already read: “The Rain Horse”

-personal opinion

Task 5: Presentations via MEET (Date to be confirmed)

Task 6: Be creative

-Iillustrate any of the poems

-Write a poem presenting another animal.

-Make a video with animals and record your voice explaining how they are used in the poems by Ted H.

-Any other creative proposal??? Let me know!!!

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