Songs to protest

Songs are always written for a purpose, to communicate a message, as any form of text. In this case, we’ll focus on songs written to protest about an important issue.

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Musicians of all genres have voiced their support for causes such as civil rights and an end to war. With the recent surge of activism in New York and beyond, new activists can hum these numbers as they fight for immigrant rights or demonstrate to protect the environment.

Here two links with Songs

Ranking up to 2018

Ranking up to 2020

Activity: Pair work

Prepare a presentation (Language and Literature) and analyse the song. Include:

-a short biography of the singer or band

-a video of the band or singer playing the song

-main themes (quote to prove) and tones

-at least 3 literary devices you can spot

-your opinion on the topic

-any pic you want to use to illustrate the matter

Also, make a reflection on this learning activity (did you like it? was it useful? what did you learn?, etc)

Have fun hand written words on water color vector graphic — Stock ...
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