All My Sons (irony from page 5 to 11)

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As a literary device, irony is a contrast or incongruity between expectations for a situation and what is reality. This can be a difference between the surface meaning of something that is said and the underlying meaning. It can also be a difference between what might be expected to happen and what actually occurs.

Types of irony

Here a list of all your great comments!! Take them into account, we’ll go back to them later cause some of them foreshadow important events.

“I would love to help humanity on a Warner Brothers salary”; This is an instance of irony as being helping humanity and being solidary is not lucrative. The only way of making profit is being self-centered. The irony is on how its virtually impossible to make money out of helping humanity.

Pat Chujman11:16 AM
Good point Trini!!

“Wanted, old dictionaries. High prices paid. Now what’s a man going to do
with an old dictionary?” I think that this is an instance of irony because they are talking about the little value he thinks that an old dictionary has, but at the same time, why people put high prices on them. However, citizens continue spending their money in these type of products that over the time, get old.

Pat Chujman11:21 AM
Right Oli!! Good work!!

“Except my wife, of course”; In this part, Jim is being ironic as he was talking about how there wasn´t anything pretty to look at in their neighbourhood, and he then mentions this phrase when his wife enters although she was not pretty(as described by th text). He is being ironic as he doesn´t mean his wife is actually pretty, but just says it for the sake of their marital union.

Pat Chujman11:24 AM
yes Trini!! ironic and mean!!

“I don´t suppose she goes around dancing on her toes”; This is another instance of irony as Keller says this about Annie, who was the girl in love with his son who dissappeared a few years ago. He is being ironic as clearly she is not happy, or as he says “dancing on her toes”, and he tries to make her unhappiness light by merely dismissing it.

“ I should be a man, people are always introducing me to beatiful women” I believe what sue’s says is ironic as she will never be a man. men and women always introduce each other and so it doesn’t mean that if you are introduced to pretty women you have to be a man

Pat Chujman11:32 AM
ufff! totally so!! Keep this quote in mind!!! it also foreshadows something…..Trini

Valentina RE11:33 AM
“KELLER: I dont know, I dont read the news part any more. It’s more interesting in the want ads.
FRANK: Why, you trying to buy something?
KELLER: No, I’m just interested. To see what people want, y’know?”
I believe that there is a presence of irony in this quote because generally when people take a look at the want ads section of the newspaper is to buy something, and clearly not to make fun of what people are looking for.
It’s like the meaning and function of the newspaper is lost. They don’t read the news nor the want ads seriously. Moreover, Joe Keller is a business man, which I think means he especially should be looking for things to buy or analyse the price of products.

Pat Chujman11:35 AM
Great Valen!!

Pat Chujman11:38 AM
Good quote Juani!!

“He is just completely out of his mine” I think that there is irony here as you cannot be out of your mind only because you dont believe some things that other person yes. Jim is being exaggerated and at the the same time ironic

Pat Chujman11:40 AM
ironic and hyperbolic

“How can you make him a horoscope? That’s for the future, ain’t it?
I believe that in this quote there is presence of irony as Frank is telling Keller that he is working on Larry’s horoscope, but the fact that Larry is dead makes it ironic because when you work on someone’s horoscope you intend to “predict” their future. In this case there is no future for Larry as they believe he is dead.

Luz Esteban11:42 AM
“ What’s today’s calamity”. At this point, Keller and Frank are discussing the news on the paper. I think this is an instance of irony because Frank considers that the paper contains all bad news, for which he finds it useless to read it. He does that ironic comment in order to emphasize on the paper’s negative viewpoint about everything.

Luz Esteban11:46 AM
“Now what’s he want with two Newfoundland dogs” In this part, Keller is being ironic because he is questioning people’s stupid wants. Under his eyes, he can not understand their desire of wanting, in this case, two dogs. Therefore, he enjoys making fun of it.

Pat Chujman11:46 AM
Great Luli!! Keep that quote in mind

Valentina RE11:47 AM
“”FRANK: Well, a favorable day for a person is a fortunate day, according to his stars. In other words it would be practically imposible for him to have died on his favorable day”.I believe there is a presence of irony as frank is refering to Larry’s favorable day as a day were he did not die. However, if he is not dead, it means that he is missing and away from his family which doesn’t make it a fortunate day at all. Moreover, I believe that it is all based on Kate’s inhability to accept the death of his son.

Pat Chujman11:47 AM
exactly Luz!!! ironic about newspapers

Pat Chujman11:47 AM
Valen!!! great conclusion

It’s so strange- Annie’s here not even married. And I have got three babies” Lydia is being ironic as how could it be that she being jounger has 3 kids and Annies isnt even married being much more older.

Pat Chujman11:49 AM
right Juani

Luz Esteban11:52 AM
“You mean he”ll make a living out of that?”At this point, Frank and Keller are talking about someone being a book collector. Keller is being quite ironic because behind that question, we can clearly understand his point of view; you can not live out of being a book collector. He asks it to Frank although he believes it is not a real profession. He is being ironic about that job.

Pat Chujman11:54 AM
hahahaha, right Luz

‘To see what people want, y’know? For instance here’s a guy is lookin’ for
two Newfoundland dogs. Now what’s he want with two Newfoundland dogs?´ I believe that in this quote there is an instance of irony because Keller in making fun and laughing at people who want strange things and they publish it on the newspaper. Also, because he is not reading about the war itself and the calamities, he prefers something more interesting, people’s strange wishes.

1) “No I’m just interested. To see what people want you know? For isntance, here’s a guy is lookin’ for two newfoundland dogs. Now what’s he want with two Newfoundland dogs?”

2) “Larry was born in August. He’d been twenty-seven this month. And hus tree blows down”.

3)”I saw a movie a couple of weeks ago, reminded me of you. There was a doctor in that picture…” (…)
“I would love to help humanity on a Warner Brothers salary”.

“She enjoys it more when you tell her to lay down”
In this quote we can really sense the ironic tone Sue is using. She is clearly really mad that women call her husband every time they need something. She is clearly tired of this situation, so she makes ironic comments about it.

“ I should be a man, people are always introducing me to beautiful women” Here sue is talking, and she is ironic as she is a girl and she is always introduced with beautiful girls, but not with beautiful boys. So she says that if she was a boy she would be so lucky, but as she is a girl, this is totally ironic.

“Then it can´t rain”: In this quote Jim is being ironic by trying to express how newspapers are always wrong about weather, to an extent that is the newspaper says it is going to rain, it will occur just the opposite.

“I can smell her perfume over the phone”; This quote is ironic as clearly Sue is not smelling the perfume over the phone. The smell is so strong everytime Sue is around Mrs Adams, that she is trying to make emphasis on this fact by saying she is able to smell it over the phone. She is not being realistic.

“Now what´s he want with two Newfoundland dogs”; This quote is ironic as Keller is not able to undertand the stupidity of wanting to buy two Newfoundland dogs, to an extent of publishing an announcement in the newspaper. He laughs of this person´s desire to buy these dogs, as he is not able to understand a reason for this person to buy them.

“Keller: Gonna rain tonight.
Jim: Paper says so?
Keller: Yeah, right here.
Jim: Then it can’t rain.” This quote shows how people didn’t trust what the newspapers announced or predicted, as Jim ironically says that it can’t rain, after hearing that the newspaper was announcing rain for that night

`Jim: He’s alright. He’s just completely out of his mind, that’s all.´
This is a instance of irony as in the same sentase we can percibe to contrasting points. on the one hand Jim says frank is alright and doing fine, referring to the death of his son. While on the other hand he says he is completely out of his mind after frank talks about how his son my be alive depending on his horóscopo.

Pat Chujman12:07 PM
Good point Marcos!!

1) The irony is used to make fun of what people look in newspaper. Keller is making fun of this person who is looking at two identical dogs. He makes fun of this talking with irony, as he can’t understand their thoughts.

2) This phrase said by Frank is also ironic. He is talking about someone who disappeared and would be twenty-seven thus month. He narrates that a tree had just been blown down, implying and saying it(without actually saying it) that the tree is like the person who is “passing away” or being blown away like the tree.

3) Jim uses irony in this phrase to show and make fun of the fact that Frank mentioned a doctor who was supposedly “helping humanity” but earned a very high salary. He laughs at it as its stupid to thunk that earning a huge salary in exchange is helping humanity, expressing that he would also do so.

“In the whole neighbourhood, there’s not a damned thing to look at. {Sue, Jim’s wife, enters. She is rounding forty, an overweight woman who fears it. On seeing her, Jim wryly adds:} except my wife, of course.” This quote shows an instance of irony, as Jim is describing how there are no pretty girls to look at in the neighbourhood, and is forced to make an exception with his wife as she, who is apparently not good looking, enters.

“Completely out of his mind”. This quotation shows an instance of irony due to the fact that it is physically impossible for someone to “go out” of his mind. Therefore, he uses irony to point out the fact he is crazy, delusional or clearly has a problem.

“The block can use a pretty girl. In the whole neighborhood there’s not a damned thing to look at. (…) except my wife, of course”. In this sentence Jim is complaining that there are no pretty girls in his neighborhood. Suddenly, his wife enters and he, ironically, says “except my wife”. This is irony because she is not the stereotype of a “pretty girl” (rounding forty, an overweight woman). Therefore, he is using irony to make a (really bad) joke.

“Then it can’t rain”. In this quotation, Keller tells Jim it is going to rain tonight, due to the forecast the paper gave. Jim, ironically, says it will not rain BECAUSE the paper says it will. He is using irony to make a little critic.

“I would love to help humanity on a Warner Brothers salary” In this one he makes reference that after watching a movie of a doctor, he said that he would love to act as a doctor with that salary, making irony that everyone would love it and that it would be so easy in that situation of such a good salary.

“Jim: {to Keller} If you son wants to play golf tell him I’m ready. Or if he’d like to take a trip around the
world for about thirty years. {he exits} “. In this quote, Jim uses irony to express how he would do anything rather than attending people on the phone, as he tells Keller to tell his son he is ready to do anything he wants, even a trip for 30 years around the world.

Pat Chujman12:18 PM
a lot of comments!! Great work!!

“Except my wife, of course”; I believe this is so ironic, every men and women says this. Jim is an example of this, because he is saying that his wife is the most and only pretty on his neighbourhood. This doesn’t mean that that is true, in the book it is portrayed as he is saying that she is ugly, as described in the book. He only mentions this when she is around him.
“Unless her mouth is full of candy .”. In this way Jim’s wife is being ironic for she does not believe that Mrs .Adams is in such a pain.
“She enjoys it more when you tell her to lay down.” Jim ,Sue’s husband ,as a doctor, should have told Mrs. Adams to lay down, because of her “ pain”but her wife knew she was just calling him up, because she likes him not as a doctor but as a man.

Juan de ELIA12:25 PM
“You mean he’ll make a living out of what?” This question from keller to frank represents irony because keller already knows the answer. He does not Belice that a book colector os a real job.

Juan de ELIA12:28 PM
“He is just completely out of his mind” Jim is exaggerating the situation accusing him of being out of his mind only because he does not think the same things as him. So he is being ironic I liked this irony as it helps me imagine the atmosphere, the setting in place. Thanks to Jim’s phrase “In the whole neighbourhood, there’s not a damned thing to look at. Sue, Jim’s wife, enters”, meaning that he chose her wife becase she was the best of few and ugly other women in the zone. This helps me imagine an area with few people, probably in the middle of the field. This visual image is very useful for me to understanding the play.
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