All My Sons: Act I

Task 1: Based on Arthur Miller’s description of the scene at the very beginning of Act I (pp. 4-6), write whether these statements are true (T) or false (F). Discuss with a partner the information in the text that helps you to come to this conclusion. Indicate the words or phrases that make the statement either true or false.

1. The action of the drama takes place in 1920.
2. It is a wintry, Sunday morning.
3. The house is right in the center of a large city.
4. The backyard of the house does not permit much privacy.
5. There is a big, beautiful apple tree right in the center of the yard.
6. The apple tree is the only tree in sight.
7. It would be easy to have a picnic in the backyard.
8. The architecture in the backyard has no artistic sense to it.
9. Two men of the same age are sitting in the backyard.
10. There is a sign in the backyard that reads “No Smoking Allowed.”

Write your answers in a comment!! (I’ll give you the answers later on)

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Task 2: As you read the play, prepare a list of characters and describe them . (keep the list for you until we finish reading, update the description of characters everytime we read the play)


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