Connectors and Linkers


Task 1

Ex 1      Ex 2    Ex 3    Ex 4     Ex 5     Ex 6    Ex 7    Ex 8     Ex 9     Ex 10

Take notes of the mistakes and leave a comment in the blog saying which connectors/linkers are difficult to use in your case.

Task 2: Copy this essay in your blog and add connectors.

Causes and Effects of Uncontrolled Urbanization

If you are an urban dweller, you may know the real meaning of urbanization. 1. ……………, this does not always indicate your sufficient insight in the “uncontrolled urbanization”  topic too. To form a causal chain, it is right to say that more jobs, more services in the urban side and absence of land in the countryside force people to migrate to larger cities which brings about uncontrolled urbanization. 2………………….., some problems arise such as unemployment,inadequacy of infrastructure/services and some environmentally unwanted events as well as unpleasant demographic incidents.


3………….., it is a good point to dig up the reasons for people to come to larger cities. First of all, by all accounts, cities are perceived to offer a wide variety of job opportunities on the grounds that there are very different branches of  businesses in cities. Inasmuch as unemployment level is hugely high in the rural areas and the work is only about farming in contrast to countless business sectors in chief cities, more and more people choose searching for their chances in the metropolis.


4………………., comes another significant reason: There are better services in cities. As a matter of fact, transportation is extremely developed so as to make use of time efficiently. Medical services are supported with the latest technological improvements, there are unbelievably modern hospitals. 5………………, education is taken into account seriously. There are very high-quality schools with excellent teachers, teaching with up-to-date techniques. None of these can be found in the rural areas, at this stage.


6…………………………. factors causing migration to big cities, there is a strong push factor stemming from absence of enough land. It would be very hard and useless to cultivate the land if it is too small to make an agricultural production. One important thing triggers this incident increasingly during the last years; namely, division of land. To explain, in the rural areas when someone dies, the inheritance would usually be the land. 7…………, the land is divided into many parts due to the fact that in the countryside it is common to have lots of children and they all have rights to take one part of the inherited land. 8…………….., what they get are useless small lands rather than a gigantic land which is capable of making a great deal of agricultural production itself. The inability to do the only thing, farming, again brings about migration to big cities with the hopes of making money.


As mentioned earlier, all these facts and figures necessitate uncontrolled urbanization, in the midst of the causal chain. 9……………………, what are the side effects and drawbacks of this growth?

Task 3

After working on connectors, you are going to create a quiz to test your classmates!

Use one of the following tools:

(you can also use google forms)

Create a 10 question quiz and share it in your blog.

Visit other blogs to complete quizzes

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10 Responses to Connectors and Linkers

  1. Juana Zufriategui says:

    After doing all the exercises, I found out that most of my mistakes where with the connectors even, not only and rather. I know there meaning, but when it gets to the time of using them, i found it a bit difficult. Also, I have a difficulty with the linking words as I only know few of them.

  2. bbuljevich says:

    After doing these exercises, I found out that I am able to use these connectors very well. However, there were some of them I had difficulties with:
    – Althought
    – In spite of
    – Not only

  3. lesteban says:

    After completing the exercises, I’ve reached to the conclusion that connectors are very useful to create a coherent narrative. Although I find it easy to include most of them on a writing, I still find it difficult to use a few of them, such as on the whole and in spite of the fact.

  4. Anouk Laferrere says:

    Although I did well in most of the exercises, I found the ones about adjectives for problems and advertising vocabulary quite difficult.

  5. Valen says:

    After doing all the excercises I could notice which are the connectors I find more difficult. These are despite and in particular. I know the meaning of both of them, but I have problems when using them in a sentence. Where should I place them? At the beggining of the sentence or at the end? I hope that with exercices I can learn to use them in a correct way.

  6. matiasripoll says:

    Pat, my main mistakes were with these connectors:
    Although(the most)
    As well as
    In spite of
    Not only

  7. Francisco Aresi says:

    The connectors I had difficulties where:
    In spite of

  8. lcaviglionefraga says:

    After compleating the 10 exercise on this post, I found some of the connectors very familiar as we use them a lot to write essays in history as well as literature. However, I found some of them which I didn’t know or I do not use; like for example on the whole, consequently and owing to.

  9. Trini says:

    Some connectors i find difficult to use correctly are rather and although. I do know in which context to use them but I often find it difficult how to phrase a sentence following this connector, such as when using than or if placing them at the beginning or at the middle of the sentence. Despite is also a connector I find it difficult to use.

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