Coming by Philip Larkin


On longer evenings,

Light, chill and yellow,

Bathes the serene

Foreheads of houses.

A thrush sings,


In the deep bare garden,

Its fresh-peeled voice

Astonishing the brickwork.

It will be spring soon,

It will be spring soon—

And I, whose childhood

Is a forgotten boredom,

Feel like a child

Who comes on a scene

Of adult reconciling,

And can understand nothing

But the unusual laughter,

And starts to be happy.

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Summary of the poem

Answer the following questions.

  1. What does the bird in the poem announce? How is this related to the title?
  2.  Why is the speaker’s childhood described as a  “forgotten boredom”?
  3.  In the scene of “adult reconciling”, what causes surprise?
  4.  What 2 things are compared in the poem?
  5.  Find a metaphor and a simile. Quote and explain.
  6.  Comment on 2 examples of personification.
  7. Find an image for lines 1-9 and another image for lines 10-19.
  8. Make a summary of th epoem with your own words.


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