Portfolio…Starting Off

The moment has come to start writing your first post in the portfolio.

Both, Camila and I, have already introduced what a portfolio is and you have worked on understanding what producing a portfolio is and you have also visited portfolios created by the students who are in senior 5 now.


Camila Aliberti

To start with, let’s have a look at the brainstorming we did last class on all the topics and activities worked on during the first term.

Today, you are going to choose a learning experience and write and reflect on that.

To carry out this activity, you are going to follow the 3 steps Camila and I have told you about:

  1. Description of the learning experience

-Describe the activity in detail. (what it was about, how it was carried out)

-Include the activity

2. Reflection on the learning experience

Selection questions/prompts

  • Why did you select this piece?
  • Why should this sample be included in your portfolio?
  • I chose this piece because ….

Growth questions/prompts

  • What are the strengths of this work? Weaknesses?
  • What would you work on more if you had additional time?
  • How has your ______ (e.g., writing) changed since last year?
  • How did you get “stuck” working on this task? How did you get “unstuck”?
  • One skill I could not perform very well but now I can is ….
  • From reviewing this piece I learned ….

Goal-setting questions/prompts

  • What is one thing you can improve upon in this piece?
  • What is one way you will try to improve next time you work on this kind of task?
  • One thing I still need to work on is ….
  • I will work toward my goal by ….

3. Connection to the real world, your personal life or any other subject.

Sharing ideas through twitter

Choose a phrase from this poster and send a tweet using the following hashtags:



Resultado de imagen para reflection stems


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