The Open Boat

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Prepare a google presentation in groups with the following ideas:

-Read about Naturalism and Realism. Explain what they mean and their basic differences.


-Comment on the importance of nature in the story. Make reference to man and nature. List some examples of the indifference of nature against the struggle of the men.

-Comment on Determinism and Fate. Also, you can work on darwinism.

This link will help you:

-Why does the cook dream/talk about pie and sandwiches?

-Why do you think Billie is the only named character?

-What is the relationship between the captain and the others on the boat?

-Why can we say that the characters in the story are metonymic?

-Make a list of themes in the story and explain their significance.

-In your opinion, why do you think the oiler, the strongest of the four, is the one to die at the end?

-Change the title of the story.

Some help!!

Share the presentation with me and post it in your blog

Deadline: June 25


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