Seamus Heaney Poetry

When we read “Journey”, we talked about Rite of Passage. This time, we are going to get to know Seamus Heaney and how he deals with Rite of Passage in his poems.

Group work

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Task 1

Do some research on the writer chosen for today’s activity. Work on aspects that may have influenced his writings. Take notes to be able to share with the rest of the group.

Task 2

Take a look at these poems, read them all and choose one that you really like.

Then, take some time to understand the poem, connect it with the writer’s background, explain the title; and analyse how it deals with Rite of Passage. (make sure, everybody in the group has chosen a different poem)


Death of a Naturalist


Personal Helicon

Two Lorries

Individual work (deadline: June 19)

Make a post in your blog including:

-a short biography of the writier

-the 3 poems

– a text connecting the 3 poems and Seamus Heaney’s life.


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