Topics for the Research Paper

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Comparing novels and movies

1. Harry Potter and the movie. The gothic genre.

2. Frankenstein and the movie (the one with Robert De Niro). The Gothic Genre.

3. The Great Gatsby and the movie.  The American Dream. The 1920s in the USA. Symbolism.

4. The Hunger Games and the movie. Social context and criticism to the system. Symbolism.

Role of Women and Rite of Passage in Katherine Mansfield’s short stories. Compare and contrast this to the world today.

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Suggested stories (of course, you can choose others)


Chauvanism and the role of women in Ernest Hemmingway’s stories. Compare and contrast this to the world today.

Link to Stories

Nature and man in the poems by Ted Hughes: 

Links to his Poetry

Sci-Fi stories and their criticism to historical and social contexts, especially totalitarian governments and societies.


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