The Butterfly Effect

The idea that everything is connected becomes most interesting when applied to ourselves.

Resultado de imagen para the butterfly effect phrases

“would it make a difference if i told you, nobody could possibly love you as much as i have loved you?”

Task 1

Writing prompts: choose an option to write

  1. Imagine one small change in the history of the planet, and imagine how things would be different. Similarly, conjure up a few characters and, in your tale, explore how one’s activity may relate to another, and so on. (historical event, social event, ecological event, etc)
  2. Tiny changes within our past society can turn Argentina into a better place. Do you agree? Write the story.
  3. Do you believe that something that happened at some point in your life may have influenced the person your are today? Write deeply about this.
  4. Write a story and make the following quotation part of it.Resultado de imagen para the butterfly effect phrases

Hope you have enjoyed the movie and now the writing!

Task 2: Leave a comment about your favourite part of the movie or leave a reflection on the butterfly effect.


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3 Responses to The Butterfly Effect

  1. Vignesh says:

    Even though I didn’t like the ending, I have to admit that the movie is very good. It shows us that one never imagine what will happen out of an “insignificant situation”. This is shown in the movie when the kids put the dynamite in the mailbox, and because of this two people passed away. So it is better to know when to stop joking before you mess up.

  2. Juana Perez Muniz says:

    I found the butterfly effect very shocking. I can imagine all the things that could have been different in out planet, things that could have prevented huge wars, conflicts, revolutions, problems. It’s amazing how a little action can have such an enormus consequence. I like the message it gives. I think that this movie can help people to make them aware about their present actions. This movie could have helped them to see how our present actions and desitions have a direct consquence with our future. However, there also is another way to interpret it, that is the fact that your actual present could be different if something in your past changed. I do not think people have to be stucked with their past because it is not healthy. Why do people have to be stressed for an action that can not be changed? People should understand the real message of the movie: we should pay attention to our daily actions, since they have an impact in our future, in order to avoid being regretfull for something that could have been different.

    • Pat says:

      Juana, thanks for your comment and reflection!
      I agree with you when you mention the importance of paying attention to daily actions!!

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