Because I Could Not Stop For Death (Analysis)

Last class, we worked on the writer of the poem and the context of production together with the poem general ideas.

Now, we are going to dig deeper into it!

TASK 1: Watch the video and take notes to analyse the poem. Annotate your poem.

Pay special attention to the characters:

Speaker: A woman who speaks from the grave. She says she calmly accepted death. In fact, she seemed to welcome death as a suitor whom she planned to “marry.” 
Death: Suitor who called for the narrator to escort her to eternity. 
Immortality: A passenger in the carriage. 
Children: Boys and girls at play in a schoolyard. They symbolize childhood as a stage of life.  

Test yourself

Analysis of the poem (to help you with your essay)

TASK 2: Choose an option to write an essay

  1. How is “death” portrayed in Dickinson’s poem?
  2. How does the poet’s choice of words help to create the mood and tone in Dickinson’s poem?
  3. “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson, is a poem filled with symbolism, deep meaning, and rich language. Comment closely on this.
  4. Because I could not stop for Death makes it very clear that the author, at some point in her life, viewed death as something sweet and gentle. Comment on this.
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