Plan de trabajo y contenidos nodales Feb 2019



Term 1

a. Find 5 gothic elements in “The Fall of the House of Usher”. Quote and explain the elements.

b. Answer the following thoughtfully and completely, using examples from the story to prove your points.

  1. What is the setting and mood at the beginning of the story, and how does Poe create this mood?
  2. Describe Roderick Usher’s sister –  appearance,  weaknesses,  attitudes.
  3. Find 3 quotes that describe Roderick and explain them.
  4. Find, a metaphor, a simile, a symbol, a foreshadowing. Quote and explain them.
  5. Explore the various meanings of the “House of Usher.”
  6. How does Roderick Usher die? (What actually kills him?)

Term 2

a. Fate. Explain how this is related to the story and find examples in the story “The Open Boat”

b. Answer these questions on the story:

1.Which character in the story do you most admire? Explain your answer.

3. Why are the characters metonymic?

4. Explain the end of the story. Choose a quote to explain.

c.Write an essay: How does the writer make you feel admiration for Heidi in the poem “For Heidi with Blue Hair”?

Term 3

a. Write an essay.

In Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat”, Crane demonstrates that nature always strikes back. Comment closely on this.

b. Answer the questions on “Romeo and Juliet”

1. What is the function of the Prologue?
2. Why are the families fighting?

Scene 1
1. How does the scene begin? Who causes the fight? Who tries to stop it? Who keeps it going?
2. Why is Romeo sad?
3. Who tries to help Romeo? What advice is given to Romeo? Quote.

Scene 2
1. How old is Juliet? When does Capulet say Juliet will be ready for marriage?
2. Who wants to marry Juliet?
3. Why does Romeo want to go to the party?

Scene 3
1. Describe the Nurse’s relationship with Juliet.
2. Why does Lady Capulet encourage the arrangement between Juliet and Paris?
3. What does Juliet promise her mother? Quote to prove how Juliet feels.

Scene 4
1. Dreams. What do they mean for Romeo? And for Mercutio?
2. What does Romeo dream? Find an example of foreshadowing in this scene.

Scene 5
1. What does Romeo think of Juliet at first? To what does he compare her?
2. How does Tybalt react when he spots Romeo?
3. At the party, Romeo and Juliet join hands. What metaphor does Romeo use to compare their joined hands?
4. Explain Romeo´s epiphany and Juliet´s epiphany.
5. Give an example of foreshadowing in this scene.

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