Rubric for your final paper

Resultado de imagen para literary analysis

The 9-10 Paper

  • Thesis presents a strong assertion or claim, is tightly focused
  • All quotations or examples clearly demonstrate and support the claim of the paper
  • Essay displays insightful understanding and analysis of the book
  • Essay is solidly developed
  • Quotations or examples are contextualized, explained, or woven smoothly into the discussion
  • Exhibits strong diction and skillful use of language
  • Uses citation format correctly
  • Few, if any errors in literary conventions

The 7-8 Paper

  • Thesis is clear, though not a strong assertion or claim
  • Good quotations or examples, but less than complete analysis of or comment on the quotations
  • Essay shows understanding of the book, but lacks depth of analysis
  • Occasional generalizations and vague word choice (e.g. interesting, important)
  • Generally follows literary conventions (e.g. present tense verbs, underlines or italicizes book titles, correct quotation citation information)

The 6 Paper

  • Thesis is more of a fact or announcement, doesn’t make a claim or provable point
  • Paper lacks a title other than the title of the book or work
  • Focus of the paper is unclear
  • Paper includes more summary than analysis
  • Generalizes about readers or topics outside the scope of the book
  • Lacks command of the language (problems with word choice, sentence structure, grammar)
  • Numerous errors in literary conventions
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