Eveline by James Joyce


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Choose 10 questions to answer (pair work)

  1. Describe Eveline’s home life.
  2. How does she expect her new life to be different?
  3. Is Buenos Aires a symbol?
  4. List specific references to dust. What is the significance of the dust image?
  5. What is Eveline’s father like? Compare him to Mansfield’s late colonel or to O’Casey’s Capt. Boyle.
  6. What was her mother like? What happened to her? Does Eveline identify with her mother in any way?
  7. What do you think her mother meant by her repeating “the end of pleasure is pain”?
  8. What does her father mean when he tells her, “I know these sailor chaps”? What possible reasons would he have for trying to break up her romance with Frank?
  9. What type of person is Frank? What does she actually know about him?
  10. Has Eveline romanticized Frank in any way? Is her father’s objection of him perhaps justified?
  11. What is Eveline’s duty to her father? What promise did she make to her dying mother?
  12. What is her duty to herself? Does she really believe she has “a right to happiness”? Why or why not?
  13. How does Eveline feel about leaving her brother, Harry?
  14. In what ways is Eveline “like a helpless animal”? What is she afraid of?
  15. Why do you think her eyes give Frank “no sign of love or farewell or recognition”?
  16. Do you think Eveline made the right decision? Why or why not?

Writing: compare and contrast the protagonist of the story and the protagonist of the movie: “Brooklyn”

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