Stories for the IGCSE 2018

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From Stories of Ourselves The following 10 stories:

no. 10 Saki (Hector Hugo Munro), ‘Sredni Vashtar’
no. 17 Sylvia Townsend Warner, ‘The Phoenix’
no. 19 Bernard Malamud, ‘The Prison’
no. 22 J G Ballard, ‘Billennium’
no. 24 Maurice Shadbolt, ‘The People Before’
no. 30 Patricia Highsmith, ‘Ming’s Biggest Prey’
no. 34 Anita Desai, ‘Games at Twilight’
no. 39 Paule Marshall, ‘To Da-duh, in Memoriam’
no. 40 Rohinton Mistry, ‘Of White Hairs and Cricket’
no. 45 Adam Thorpe, ‘Tyres’

Find the analysis of the stories here:

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