The Signalman (group work)

The Signalman: Charles Dickens

Prepare a prezi/ggogle presentation/etc and answer the questions in a creative way! Follow the order you want. You can eliminate questions you are not interested in and you can add any other information you feel it is a must!!

1) Line 11 is almost an exact repetition of line 1.  What is the effect of this?

2) Why was the narrator so interested in the man he saw at the bottom of the embankment?

3) The paragraph, which starts with line 15, describes the approach and passing of a train.  How do you recognise it as a train even before line 20 identifies it as such?

4) Lines 35-43 describe the Signalman and his environment. What mood is created here?

5) Lines 46-69 show that the narrator and the Signalman are unsure of each other.  How is this resolved?

6a) What kind of education has the Signalman had?

  1. b) How do you know this?

7) What is odd about the Signalman’s behaviour in lines 106-110?

8) Line 127 suggests that this might be a ghost story.

  1. a) How does it do this?
  2. b) Have there been any other hints at this?

9) Describe the three premonitions the Signalman has experienced, and the events that followed, in the order in which they occurred. (This is not necessarily the order in which they are recounted.)

10) How is the Signalman’s earlier strange behaviour (see question 7) explained in lines 224-238?

11) Why can’t the Signalman act on his most recent premonition in order to avoid a tragedy?

12) From whom does the narrator seek advice?

13) What has happened when the narrator returns on the following evening?

14) The premonition has come true.  Which details are echoes of the Signalman’s earlier words?

15) How does the narrator feel at the end of this experience?  Explain in your own words.

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