Escape Room: Poetry

Use the post it that belongs to your group 

-Follow your own task (each group has a different one)


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2 Responses to Escape Room: Poetry

  1. Trini Torrendell says:

    Team 2:
    New Magic
    At last I know—it’s on old ivory jars,
    Glassed with old miniatures and garnered once with musk.
    I’ve seen those eyes like smouldering April stars
    As carp might see them behind their bubbled skies
    In pale green fishponds—they’re as green your eyes,
    As lakes themselves, changed to green stone at dusk.

    At last I know—it’s paned in a crystal hoop
    On powder-boxes from some dead Italian girl,
    I’ve seen such eyes grow suddenly dark, and droop
    Their small, pure lids, as if I’d pried too far
    In finding you snared there on that ivory jar
    By crusted motes of rose and smoky-pearl.

    We choose this poem because the man or the person who represents the voice of the poem is apparently in love of an italian girl, who is death and although she is not present any longer he still can see her though his eyes.

  2. Feli Donato says:

    #Group 1
    A child’s evening prayer
    This beautiful catholic poem has a young naive child as the voice. The whole poem conveys a prayer from this child, in which he leaves aside his personal ineterests, and instead, begs for his family to be healthy and happy, as he “talks” to God. The speaker transmits a nice image of innocence, and a pure soul, free from any evil.

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