My Son the Fanatic


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After reading the story, let´s work on the following ideas

Task 1

1. What prevents Parvez from communicating directly with his son?
2. What is Parvez’s dream for Ali’s future?
3. How would you describe the personality of the following characterize:
a. Parvez
b. Ali
c. Bettina
4. How would you describe the following relationships?
a. Parvez and Ali at the beginning of the story
b. Parvez and Ali at the end of the story
c. Parvez and Bettina
d. Parvez and his coworkers
e. Parvez and his wife
5. What advice does Bettina give Parvez?
6. What memory from Pakistan haunts Parvez?
7. What rules does Ali criticize Parvez for breaking?
8. Why does Parvez like England?
9. Why does Ali hate London?
10. What was the “last straw” that led Parvez to violence?
11. What does Ali mean in the last line of the story?

Task 2

Complete the plot diagram online

Task 3

Finally, choose one of the following tasks to write between 450 and 600 words

a. write a different ending of the story.

b. write a letter to Parvez showing empathy.

c. write the story from the point of view of the mother.

Always take into account context, culture and traditions!!

Task 1 and 2 must be posted in your blog and can be solved in pairs.

Task  3 is individual and must be handed in on Friday May 4 (on paper)

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