Linking words

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Let`s Practice!!

Ex 1      Ex 2    Ex 3    Ex 4     Ex 5     Ex 6    Ex 7    Ex 8     Ex 9     Ex 10

Take notes of the mistakes and leave a comment in the blog saying which connectors/linkers are difficult to use in your case.

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4 Responses to Linking words

  1. Clari & Jose says:

    We found no particular problems at the time of choosing the suitable connectors, but we did not quite understand when we use “since”. It is always at the beginning of the sentence?

  2. Salvador Castagnino says:

    I had problems mainly with although and as “” as.

  3. Agustín Bravo says:

    I did these quizzes with Juan. The connectors we found more difficult were: As long As-So That-Rather-what’s More-For instance.

  4. Tota Lupi says:

    Although I usually don’t have much problem with the connector however, today it was the one I got wrong (only two times).

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