The Fall of the House of Usher

Characters and Narrator

Check this page and give your opinion: Point of view

Analysis of the story!

After reading the story and analysing in full detail, let`s watch a video.

-What calls your attention?

-Are characters the way you imagined them? Explain.

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18 Responses to The Fall of the House of Usher

  1. Fermin says:

    The Fall of the House of Usher on Screen

    Something that called my attention was how the story is developed. It is very different from the one we read in class. Many details were left out. Another thing that called my attention was that in the last part of the video Lady Madeline hugs Usher and in the story that we read she was shouting from pain and running towards Usher perhaps to kill him.

    Characters in the film weren’t how I imagined them because I saw Usher that was not as mad as I had thought. And I also found all the characters younger in the film adaptation. I thought they would be around eighty-years old and they seemed to be around sixty.

    By Fermín

  2. 1) In my opinion the thing that calls more the attention, is that watching this short film (instead of reading the book) it makes me feel more the gloomy, sad and oppressive sesation of the ambient. It called my attention too, that in the book the items and characters were described with more adjectives. For example the house seems to be more scary and oppressive in the story.

    2) Actually I tought that all the character would be more modern. What I’m trying to say, is that clip seems that was filmed long ago, and I realize (reading the book) that the book was written to film it nowadays. Finally I thought that the characters would be more oppressive.

  3. asequeira says:

    1) The thing that calls my attention was that the dress very gloomy and depresive in some way. I don’t like so much the way they look. It is scary.

    2) I imaginated most of the characters very diferent. Lady madeline I didn’t expected her to be thata young. Rodrick Usher looks exatcly I expected. The Narrator I imaginated blond with curly hair.

  4. Valentina Pernarcic says:

    First of all, I feel that the movie is just a summary of the story, it doesn’t have any special detail. In the story the details are crucial and the literary terms together with the descriptions make the Fall Of The House Of Usher be such a success. In the movie, the fact that the fall of the house was given because of the last Usher’s were finally dead it is not so clear. The other thing that surprised me was that Lady Madeline appears just at the begining of the movie, even befoore the narrator meets with Roderick Usher, and that the situation of the vault and Lady Madeline’s death is not well expressed, although it should be as it is the conflict that leads to the end of the story. The story within a story that is included at the end of it which anticipates all the actions that are going to happen when Lady Madeline is finally able to escape, is not part of the story. In the film, the narrrator was about to read him the story within a story, Usher interrupts him and starts retelling where Madeline is. I enjoyed the story than the movie.
    Talking about the characters, I did not like them. Lady Madeline did not look like a dead woman as she is described by the writer, she looks like everyone else. Roderick Usher, is in the movie it gives to interpretation that he is a rich man and not humble, but I imagined him humble and dressed informally. Roderick Usher is pale, which is great but the thing misssing is that he had a strange hair and that he had a puzzled face.

  5. caldazetkin says:

    The thing that calls my attention was that there was more characters than in the book and the movie wasn’t what I expected. I know that the movie is very old but they don’t put the same detail in the atmosphere and setting that is in the book, they didn’t do a gloomy, scary and dark atmosphere and the setting look like a very good mansion, but in the book it seems that the house was very old, dusty, spooky and looking destroy.

    I didn’t imagine the characters look like they are in the movie. This are the aspects that I imagine from the characters and the thing wrong they did to the characters in the movie.

    I will not tell so much about the Narrator but I imagine him having a mostache and that he would be a little nervous in the start of the story because he din’t see Roderick for so many years.

    I think that they fail making Roderick Usher because in the movie he was very skinny and being very nervous when he and the Narrator put Madeline in the coffin. I imagine Roderick being calm when he see the Narrator for first time for so many years and being very anxious and nervous when they buried Madeline, he’s hair will look like a hair of a crazy scientific or being long but rounded, that he had a bear but no moustache, he will dress witch a suit or a coat and that in the first parts of the story he will be walking slow and talking normally, but after he buried his sister alive he will be talking fast and running.

    And I think they also made Madeline wrong in the movie because in the book she had a illness that make she look like a dead person but in the movie she looks normal and when she goes to find Roderick in the last part of the book she dosen’t apear angry or with blood all over she.


  6. luciadocarmo says:

    What called my attention is that the book is more descriptive and has got more details than movie. In my opinion, the book make you imagine how the house is. In the movie, although you can see it, it does not really show you all the details.The characters are very different from what i ll have imagined. I also have the feeling that the narrator was younger.

  7. Sofia says:

    The thing that calls my attention is that in the book things are much more described and with more detail, in the movie there are not many details to be honest and I don’t like that cause the details from the book made you imagine how the house and everything was, but in the movie, even though you can see it, it doesn’t really show you all the details.

    The characters are so much different than I imagined! I imagined that Madeline was older, but in the movie she was kind of young. I imagined Roderick’s hair like electrified, that he had like a really large face and that he was thinner. I also imagined that the narrator was younger.

  8. amonguzzi says:

    1. The one thing that calls my attencion is that in the book is all more detailed and in the movie not, like is not gloomy.
    2. I expected Madeline And the narrator exactly the same but I thought that usher was going to have more wrinkles and with whiter hair.

  9. Nina Fischer says:

    1)I think that what called my attention the most was the calm state Roderick Usher was in when he ‘flew’ into the narrators room and opened the window. In that scene I expected to be all ‘hipped up’ and eccentric, maybe even screaming, but instead, he was talking barely above whisper and his eyes didn’t seem as panicked as I would have expected them to be.
    2) Like I said before, I was quite surprised by the calm state, not just Roderick, but also Madeline seemed to be. I expected them to be more alarmed and seem more fragile, in the video they look just a little bit below average health.
    Nina Fischer

  10. Lucas Alonso Breuer g says:

    In this video many things called my attention, for example, the representation of the house of Usher, in the book the house is described more frightening and with much more details, but in the video the house seems to be an ordinary one. Another thing that caught my attention, entering the characters, was that Roderick Usher in the book was described as a very weak and old person who did not even move, but in the video he seemed to be a young man and even though he had all those diseases, He looked well.

  11. bbravo says:

    1)Something that call me a lot of attention is that the book somehow makes me to “enter”in the story, and in the film is the opposite, I think that the director failed a lot illustrating the movie, he disapointed me.

    2)I think that the directors of the short movie “broke down” wanting to play the characters of the book in the movie. Because, for example, Roderick Usher, in the movie is too much younger than in the short movie. Also Lady Madeline was another example for this because here, in the movie she is alive, and in the book she dead.

  12. jpuva says:

    It calls my attention that at the beginning it doesn’t explais who are the characters but then I understood.

    No, I thought that the characters were older than they appear in the video.

    I think that the video and the book have a similar vocabulary. In my opinion, the video is better explained that in the book.

  13. -It influences because it makes him depressed, which makes him write depressed
    -It gets Usher more and more mad, and gloomy and mysterious, you don’t wanna live that way, with a growing negative feeling all the time
    -I would start to go mad, and if I realized this was happening, I would call some priest.
    -Because it makes the story more and more mysterious, the narrator doesn’t know what is happening or the plans of Usher’s.
    -The house is physically destroyed, because it has itself a bound with the Usher’s , and as the Usher’s were ‘falling’ mentally and physically, so the house suffered it too
    -The literal way, is that the house felt literally, metaphorically, is that it was getting destroyed by Usher’s family itself, as they were bounded, everything that happend to Usher, in some way happend to the house
    -An Usher is a member of the family with the same name,
    -Gold and wealth at first, gloom and death now
    -That a family won’t have offsprings with their same first surname anymore.

  14. Gonzalo Harts says:

    Something that caught my attention about the movie was that the feeling intended for the audience to experience was more greatly felt in the book than in the movie. I believe that the movie failed to represent the writer’s intentions with the story, as the feeling of gloom, so greatly expressed in the book, was not apparent in the film.
    Something else that caught my eye was the lack of detail in the movie. I expected the movie to truly visually represent the book, however this was not the case. I found that some details that were in the story were simply brushed off in the movie, for instance, the story within a story technique used by the writer in the book, simply did not exist in the movie.

    As for the characters, I believe that the film failed to represent them in the way that Edgar Allan Poe intended for them to be represented. For example Roderick Usher. In the book Roderick Usher is described in precise detail. In the film however, his interpretation was weak, he seems to be just another ordinary person, without anything to distinguish him from the rest, when in fact, he is anything but an ordinary person.

    Another example is lady Madeline. In the book lady Madeline is said to appear dead, however, in the film she was also subject to misinterpretation. In the movie, she looks just as alive as any other character, not ghostly like she is described in the book.
    So for my answer, no, the characters were not the way I imagined them, I believe that the movie failed to represent them properly.

  15. marco says:

    1) The thing that calls my attention is that when madeline dies roderick doesn’t care about the event, he doesn’t give any signal of emotion towards her.

    Usher: I think that he looks more healthier than what is described in the story.
    The narrator: He looks exactly how I imagined him.
    Madeline: I didn’t expect her to be that young I thought she was 40-50 years old she looks of 20-30 young.

  16. Renata marty says:

    Whats calls my atention is thatt the video is to different form the book
    I dindn’t imagine Usher and the sister like this, but the narrator yes. I thought that Usher woluld be older and more sik and the sister oldet too but not more sik than useher.

  17. Toto says:

    -After watching the video, something I noticed that was different to the book was that there were housekeppers and they told the narrator that Roderick and Lady Madeline were twins. In the book the Narrator figures it out by himself
    -I expected Roderick to be much more pale. Also I expected Lady Madeline to be much more ill, she didn’t looked like a death human like in the description of the book.

  18. lhernandez says:

    1. What called my attention was the way Madeline suddenly ‘fell’ at the beginning. (because of her illness)

    2. No, the characters weren’t the way I imagined them. For example Roderick, he was supposed to have ‘crazy’ hair, but his hair wasn’t like that at all. Also I imagined Madeline a lot more dead-like.

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