AS Language and Literature

Cambridge International AS Level Language and Literature in English requires candidates to answer two compulsory papers:

Paper 2 Writing, and Paper 9 Poetry, Prose and Drama.

In Paper 2 Writing, candidates have the opportunity to produce their own imaginative writing, as well as producing writing for a given audience.


In Paper 9 Poetry, Prose and Drama, candidates answer two questions, each on a different text. Close study of all the texts chosen is needed in preparation for a choice of essay and passage-based questions.

Selected Poems Paper 3 Poetry and Prose

In groups, we are going to do research on the authors of the 10 short stories we are going to read.

-The class will be divided into 6 groups.

-Each group will do reaserch on 2 writers.

-Findings will be shared in a presentation we are doing altogether and that I´ll share with all the groups.

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