Senior 3

Term 1

a. Write an essay

Explore one or two moments in the play when Priestley makes the Inspector’s presence on the stage
particularly powerful. (Remember to support your ideas with details from the play.)

b. Choose a poem we studied on this first term and explain what it is about. Find 4 literary devices and explain the effect they have on readers.

Term 2

a.  Ming´s Biggest Prey and The Phoenix : how is nature important in these 2 stories? Support your ideas with quotations.

b. How does the writer make you feel pity for the father and for the mother in “Stabat Mater”?

Term 3

a. In Father Returning Home and For My Grandmother Knitting, elderly people are shown as unfit for this new world. Prove this with ideas and quotations.

b.  Compare and contrast the 2 brothers in “The People Before” Prove ideas with quotations.


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