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Tiger in the Menagerie: Check this mind-map

Answer the question that follows: The poem is basically about the power of nature.It shows how powerful the tiger is in comparison with the other helpless animals in the menagerie. Do you agree?

She was a Phantom of Delight

In the poem “She was a Phantom of Delight” Wordsworth describes his wife and his reaction to her. He chooses to depict three points in their developing relationship: when they first met; as they began to know each other better; and now that they are married. When he saw her for the first time the poet felt that Mary Hutchinson was a spirit of happiness.

Prove this!! (Some help)

Lion Heart

The poem Lion Heart is about the pride the people of Singapore have in their country.

Choose 5 quotations to prove this and explain them. Mention literary devices used by the writer.


Check this webpage with analysis.

The poem revolves around the behaviour of men towards women during 17th century. Which was mainly harsh and dominating. And to stay in the conditions created by men of those times, women will fail as women. Men are used to take advantage of their masculine power & they exploit it everyday, that is how they win every time. They are not standing by you at the time of need.

-Choose a line from every stanza to prove this statement.

-Mention literary devices (minimum 3)

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