Topics for the Final Paper (Term Test 3)

Dear all,

Here a list of topics for you to choose and write about.

  1. War Poetry

Resultado de imagen para war poetry

-Write about the period of time when these poets wrote. What inspired them and what themes they tackled.

-Here a webpage with lots of poems. Choose 7 poems by Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.

-Write about these 2 authors and then analyse, compare and contrast their poems and write your paper.

2. Katherine Mansfield´s short stories

Resultado de imagen para katherine mansfield

-Tackle the writer and context of production (historiacal and social context and major themes and concerns in her literature)

-Consider Rite of Passage.

Analyse the following stories:

3. Drama: The Tempest b W. Shakespeare

Resultado de imagen para the tempest shakespeare

-Analyse the writer and the context of production.

-What is postcolonialism and why it is said that this play is the first postcolonial story of all times?

-Analyse the text deeply:


-Read the texts chosen and prepare your essay question (create a hypothesis that will be discussed in your paper)

Read this to help you:

-Check this post to read about how to write a Literature paper and do proper analysis.

-Write an introduction including information about the writer/s and the context of production. You can also include any other information you consider important for your paper.

-Pose the hypothesis and write an introduction

-Hand in this first part of your paper. (October 18)

-Write the rest of your paper.

-Be original!!!

-Write a paper tht is interesting and that it will be a pleasure for me and other people to read!!

-Hand in complete paper! (Bring it to school, I won´t accept a drive on November 17)

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