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The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.” -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Let`s listen to her!!

The danger of a single story

3 Lessons From Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “The Danger of a Single Story”

a. What do you think ‘the danger of a single story’ means?

b. What are the dangers of stereotyping?

c. Do you have a single story about anyone? Who? What do you know?

d. What can we do to make sure that we hear more than one story about these people?

e. What is she trying to tell us in the end?

f. Explore a the impact a “single story” has on Identity, Perceptions of Others, Social Relations, and Social Institutions: How does the story affect people’s sense of self? How does it affect the way people understand each other? How does the story affect contemporary social relations? How does it contribute to the perpetuation of inequality in society? How has it become institutionalized?


If people are consistently stereotyped in a negative way, their human rights are at risk of being abused or denied.


Choose any part of the talk that you like a prepare a poster like similar to the one I posted here!!

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