Poetry for IGCSE 2019

Section A: Poetry Candidates answer on one set text in this section.

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From Songs of Ourselves Volume 1, Part 5, the following 15 poems:

Fleur Adcock, ‘For Heidi With Blue Hair’

James K Baxter, ‘Elegy For My Father’s Father’

Elizabeth Bishop, ‘One Art’

Boey Kim Cheng, ‘Reservist’

Emily Brontë, ‘Cold In The Earth’

Robert Browning, ‘Meeting At Night’

Emily Dickinson, ‘Because I Could Not Stop For Death’

Philip Larkin, ‘The Trees’

Charlotte Mew, ‘The Trees Are Down’

Grace Nichols, ‘Praise Song For My Mother’

Wilfred Owen, ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’

Siegfried Sassoon, ‘Attack’

Stephen Spender, ‘My Parents’

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, ‘Song: Tears, Idle Tears’

Hone Tuwhare, ‘Friend’

Let`s do some research to see who these authors are!

In pairs, prepare a lino.it with information about the writers:

-A short biography (birth and death dates + 3 important facts)

-Social and historical context (what was going on in the world)

-Group them into categories according to the period in history when they wrote (use a different colour of a sticky post for each group)

Example: War poets (blue sticky notes)

-Post this in your blogs (Also, link this post to your blogs)

Hands on!!

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