Term 3 Paper: The Dilemma of a Ghost

Hello everyone!!

As you know, your third term will be tested through a paper.

The play: The Dilemma of a Ghost is in Anagrama. Please, make a copy and start reading it so then you have more time to write your paper.

Pre-Reading Tasks

Task 1: Read about the author and the history of Ghana and take notes:

Her biography: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Ama-Ata-Aidoo

Thematic concerns of the play: http://sodiqyusuf.blogspot.com.ar/2012/05/thematic-concerns-of-ama-ata-aidoos.html?m=1

Language in the play: 


History of Ghana:



Task 2: Read about the theory of postcolonialism


Task 3: Listen to the writer and take notes of all the important facts that may influence her writing.

About the play: her views on the role of women in society

All  these notes will help you to write an introduction to your paper.

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