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The Dilemma of a Ghost by Ama Ata Aidoo

Hello everyone!! This time, I´m going to share some web pages and 2 interviews with you so that you can take notes considering what is important and may have influenced the writer as regards the play you are reading with … Continue reading

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The Phoenix

Let`s listen to the story Read about the writer -What calls your attention about the author of this story? -What does “the phoenix” symbolize? Deep analysis 1.​ ​Explore how Warner makes the ending of ‘The Phoenix’ so effective for ​you … Continue reading

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Song by Lady Mary Wroth

“Song” by Lady Mary Wroth from AlinaClaps Watch this video and the presentation, take notes and then answer the following questions -Who is the voice? -Write a summary for each stanza. -What is the theme? And the tone? -Find at … Continue reading

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