The Hollow of the Three Hills

Summary of the story read last week

The Hollow Of The Three Hills - illustration by Esteban Maroto



In pairs, work on the following ideas:




-Symbols: Number 3/October/Bell/Coffin (consult a dictionary of symbols)

Prove ideas with quotations

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  1. Tadeo Helou, Matias Grande and Mechi Anelo says:

    1. The themes of the story are:
    • Regrets
    • Guilt
    • Shame
    • Remorse
    • Sorrow
    • Grief
    • Dolefulness
    • Death
    • Dishonored
    • Betrayal

    2. The mood and atmosphere of the story can be:
    • Tension
    • Grief
    • Suspense

    3. Characters:
    • Young woman, main character. She is described as a lady and graceful, but pale and troubled. There is foreshadowing in her description by saying that she is pale meaning that she is already dead. She is desperate and her guilt is killing her, she abandoned her son betraying her family and now he is dead. She made a treaty with the witch and gave her life to listen how her family was. “it is a place mortals cannot see” , if she is there it means she is dead and will not survive to tell this experience. She died still feeling guilty by her son`s death, “(…) left her child to die”.
    • The witch insultingly described as “the other” is and old woman. Wrinkled, shrunken and decrepit. She speaks old English and represents death, “withered crone”. “here has been a sweet hour’s sport!”, she does these treaties all the time, she takes lives all the time.
    • Her parents also appear, talking about her daughter feeling betrayed and embarassed beacuse of what she had done, and also mourning the loss of their grandchild.
    •Her husband, who is also angry at his wife acussing her of being unfaithfull and mourning the loss of his child.

    4. Symbols:
    • The number 3, which the author uses to make a connection with the Bible. The bible contains symbols such as the holy trinity
    • The month October is also a symbol, this story takes place during this month, which is known as the month of death. The woman in the beginning is running from the death of her child and in the end she faces her own death in order to obtain the witch’s help.
    •The witch’s cloak, that symbolizes darkness
    • The coffin symbolizes death, both of them
    • The bell also represents death and is connected to heaven.

  2. Lucas Posse and Lucas Perez Paladino says:

    Theme: Death,Love,Motherly love, dishonour. “Were once the resort of power of evil”. ‘ I have left those behind me with
    whom my fate was intimately bound, and from whom I am cut off forever.’ ‘
    funeral train faded away like a thin vapor’ the story portrays the concept of death continuously throughout the poem.
    Atmosphere: Dark, tragic,desperate.
    Characters: Mother, her daughter, the daughter’s Father, the Mother’s family and the witch.
    Bell= ”deepened into the tone of a death bell,” The bell represents freedom, but it can also represent the extremes of goodand evil(pendullum). Furthermore, the shape of the bell symbolises heaven, foreshadowing the death of the child.
    October= associated with the opening of the portal to the Otherworld and represented all that was mysterious and magical about the last days of summer, when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and time ceases to exist.
    Number 3=good fortune
    Coffin=emblem of morality.

  3. Juan Landolfo and Felipe Reynal. says:

    The Hollow of the Three Hills: Themes: -Abandonment.
    Mood/Atmosphere: This story is based on a dark romanticism including an evil atmosphere based on tragedies, conveying feelings like sadness, tension, fear, love, anger, etc. Its atmosphere its clearly dark and obscure.
    Characters: -The woman: This young and beautiful lady is the main protagonist of the story. Althought she loved her family, after the death of her only son, she abandoned his husband and left him alone with the pain and sorrow caused by their recent loss. At the end of the story, this character realized that what she had done to his husband was terrible and that she cant scape from his son´s death. That feeling would pursue her forever.
    – The witch: This character is described as a poor and old woman who is extremely cold and insensible. The woman believed that the witch´s aim was to help her find her path in the middle of her terrible and sad situation. But instead, this witch seduce and provoked the woman in order to make her suffer until the point she wishes death.
    – The child: The child is the origin of the main conflicts and changes in the story. We can say that he is the responsable for all the pain his parents passed through.
    – The husband: This character shows clearly the reader the final consequences of the child´s death, as he end up alone, full of fear and sadness, in a dark andd terryfing asylum.
    Symbols: -Number three: The author uses the number three in relation to the bible that contains notable symbols as the holy trinity. There are certain similarities in the story like the three hills or the three visitors.
    -October: This month is also known as the month of death, a theme that is clearly conveyed in this story.
    -Bell: The movement of a bell symbolises two opposite terms, life hapinnes and sadness, life and death, ect. It also represents heaven.
    -Coffin: The coffin its an emblem of death and mortality. It describes the end of something that will be “guarded” in a “coffin” that will never open again.

  4. Juana Otaño, Victoria Gonzalez, Valentina Liotti says:

    Literature: The hollow of the Three Hills

    – Dishonor: The young woman escapes from home as she didn’t want to face her daugther’s death. In one flashback we can see her parents speaking of her as a dishonor.

    -Deceit: The protagonist deceit her’s family by running away and leaving behind her duty of daughter, wife and mother. In another flashback we can view her husband felt the most decieved: She had left him behind, although she had pledge for love. She left him to take care of their dying daughter and left him also with a broken heart.

    -Death: It happens twice in the story. First, by the death of the daughter which is ambiguous throughout the story and at the end with the death of the woman. She sacrifices her life due to her guilt and to witness the suffer she had caused to her family by leaving.

    -Young woman: She is the main character of the story and her name is uncertain. She is described as graceful and fair but pale and troubled. She chooses to run away from her daughter’s future death, leaving her duties of being a mother, a wife and a daughter behind. She feels so guilty that she arranges a meeting with an old lady to see how her family is holding up for a price: her life.
    She realises she had left behind the people she loves. And as she can’t go back home her life is useless, so she dies.

    -The old woman: She is the antagonist of the story, she is described opposite to the young woman. She was ancient, badly dressed, miserable. Although she helped the young woman, she knew that she would die afterwards and enjoy it. The old woman is suspected to be a witch with powers that no human being could have. She is also thought of not having a pure heart.

    -Coffin & Bell: The coffin symbolizes her death. Not only the young’s woman death, but also hers daughter. The coffin and the bell are both a foreshadowing effect on the lady’s eventual spiritual death.
    -Number 3: It’s seen by the three hills in the representation of the spiritual three as a number. The young woman is taken through a three phase trance.
    -October: The story is set in the month of October which is known as the month of death. In the beginning the woman runs away because she cannot face the death of a child. Then in order to obtain the witch’s help she must give up her own life.

    Atmosphere: The author creates a spiritual atmosphere, and the reader is nervous as well as it prepares the reader for a chilling encounter. The author gives supernatural life to the hills and evils that exists in this place where no mortal could observe.

    -”the other was an ancient and meanly dressed woman, of ill-favored aspect, and so withered, shrunken and decrypt, that even the space since she began to decay must have exceed the ordinary term of human existence.” -This quotation describes the old woman; it gives the impression of her being creepy, ugly and in a certain way a witch.
    -”Shrieks pierced through the obscurity of sound…!”-This gives a tense and scary atmosphere.
    -”Buy when the old women stirred the kneeling lady, she lifted not her head.”- Shows that the young women has died.

  5. Santiago Montoya & Diego Goldarasena says:

    Themes: Death and dishonor.
    Atmosphere: Dark, tragic, horrorful, tension.
    Characters: The woman is the main character, she is very beautyful, and she had problems meant for someone much older than she.
    The witch help the main character to solve her problems, but with that, she also take her life away.
    Other characters are the parents the husband and the child
    Symbols: Three: The number three is related to the bible, for example the holly trinity, the example in the story are the three hills and three visions.
    October: The story take place during october, which is ironically, known as the month of death.
    Bell: Bells are commonly representative of joy and freedom.The shape of the bell is closely related to the vault of heaven
    Coffin:The coffin is an image to identify with the emblems of mortality.

  6. Abril y guille says:

    1. Themes:
    Dishonor because the woman abandon her family, living her little child alone.
    Death because the story is based on the death of the child. The woman goes with the witch because she wanted to know if her son was okey.
    2. Mood/atmosphere:
    3. Characters:
    Woman and witch. The woman is described as a young and beautiful lady who seems to have a lot of problems. She is a mother, a wife and a daughter. The witch is portrayed as a horrible, and poorly dress woman. She helps the woman but also takes her life as promise.
    Husband, child and parents. The husband is alluded in the second vision He is shown in the funeral crying for his dead child and unfaithful wife. The child is also portrayed in the funeral as the protagonist of it.
    4. Symbols:
    Number 3 alludes the bible because it has symbols like the holly trinity and in the story is portrayed as three hills and three visions.
    October is known as the month of death. She runs way because she cannot face the death of her child but at the end she wants to know what happen so in October she ask help to the witch.
    The bell represents joy and freedom, also excommunication and exorcism it sounds as a symbol of creating power and arms.
    The coffin represents the wood and the wood represents bringing order out of chaos and divine power.

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