Games at Twilight: analysis by Mara Ripoll, Florencia Araya and Lucila Giambruni

Great work girls!!


Topic Quotation Explanation / Impact on the reader
Rite of Passage “He had sidled away and sat dejectedly on the flower pot.” This quotation shows how Ravi drifts away from his familiar environment to hide from his siblings. The phase of separation is represented in this activity.
“He wondered if it would not be better to be captured by Raghu and be returned to (…) the familiarity of his brothers, sisters and cousins.” This quotes symbolizes the transition phase in which the protagonist has been detached from one place (childhood) but has not yet entered another one (adulthood). Here, Ravi ponders about going back to his home surrounded by his family since he has a mix of feelings: of going back and surrendering, or waiting and being victorious.
“Ravi, don’t be a baby.” This is said by Ravi’s mother when he returns after being away for a long time. It is quite clear by how she reacts that neither she nor his brothers took his “victory” as one. They interpreted this act as a childish and immature one.
Specular moment “Raghu turned just in time to see the flash of his white shorts …. and charged after him with such a blood-curdling yell that Manu stumbled over the hosepipe” The specular moment is when Raghu catches Manu because Ravi sees himself reflected in Manu and realises that it could have been him who was caught.
Death metaphors “Ravi had never cared to enter such a dark and depressing mortuary of defunct household goods…” This description of the place in which Ravi was hiding contributes to the creation of Ravi’s journey or evolution as a character. How he dared to enter this place for the sake of achieving something he never could and to prove he was as capable as his siblings.
Foreshadowing “‘You are dead’” This quote foreshadows how Ravi will feel, dead inside because he came out feeling alive, finally like himself, like this new person that he had always dreamt of being, but his family didn’t acknowledge it and carried on treating him like a child.

It also foreshadows Ravi’s loss of innocence. While he is in the shed his inner child ‘dies’ and he comes out as a grown and mature boy.

Tense mood “…the children stopped chanting. They all turned to stare at him in amazement. Their faces were pale…” The atmosphere described here is present at the end of the story where Ravi reappears to his brothers who had completely forgotten about him. It shows a very tense and uncomfortable mood between the brothers since they all react differently to the situation.
Ravi’s feelings (before playing, during the game, and afterwards) “Ravi shook, then shivered with delight, with self-congratulation.” At this part of the story it is evident for us readers that Ravi is transitioning and going through something both on the outside and on the inside. On the outside because he’s hiding and doing everything he can to win, so that he proves he’s not just the innocent, youngest, and not-as-capable sibling. On the inside because he’s growing as a person, maturing, achieving something for himself and by himself. He’s not just winning for the sake of winning, he’s doing it for a reason and he was proud of himself and his accomplishment, that’s why it says “with self-congratulation”.


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