New in Town (2009)


A high-powered consultant in love with her upscale Miami lifestyle is sent to a middle of nowhere town in Minnesota to oversee the restructuring of a blue collar manufacturing plant. After enduring a frosty reception from the locals, icy roads and freezing weather, she warms up to the small town’s charm, and eventually finds herself being accepted by the community. When she’s ordered to close down the plant and put the entire community out of work, she’s forced to reconsider her goals and priorities, and finds a way to save the town.

Movie Task

How does the protagonist cope with the stress of….

-moving into a new twon?

-doing a different job?

-starting a new business?

Deadline: July 12

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  1. Candela Zufriategui says:

    How does the protagonist cope with the stress of….
    1a -moving into a new town? Lucy Hill is a miami executive who wants to become Vice President in the company she works for. To show the President that she has the ability, she takes an assignment to restructure one of their small manufacturing plants in Minnesota. At first, it is clear that the protagonist has problems adapting into the new town. She arrives to minnesota dressed up for a sunny day in miami, while everyone in the baggage claim area is dressed for the cold outside. She is clearly not used to the freezing weather. In addition, her first encounter with the workers did not go as well as planned. Stu makes her believe that there was a “gopher day”, in order to give workers a day off and make fun of her. However, little by little, she gets to know the kind hearted people of minnesota. When she has an accident that ends up with her car stuck in the snow, ted helps her and takes her safely home. She supervises a makeover for Ted’s daughter for her school dance. Later, Ted invites her to go hunting with the factory stuff, and they get to know her better. She has a great time in spite of the accident as she did not know how to shoot. At the plant, Lucy starts to see that the workers are working hard and even wearing bulls eye targets on their butts. Lucy regains her humanity when faced with the decent, hard-working and kind hearted citizens of minnesota. She makes everything in her power to save the factory without firing the workers. She comes up with an emergency rescue plan that involves Blanche’s secret recipe for tapioca, which ends up being a hit and saving the factory.
    1 b- Doing a different job? She goes through a radical change, from the workaholic people of miami and a competitive working environment, to the peaceful lifestyle of a small town such as minnesota. In minnesota, not only the result and the productivity are important, but also the motivation for workers and their families. At the beginning, she has some conflicts with the workers, such as the one of “gopher day” or the fact that her assistant is not as serious as she wants her to be. When she meets Ted Mitchell, who is the union representative, she can not stand him and constantly insults him. However, soon she realizes that they were all good people willing to work hard, and that they care about each other. They all begin to accept her as well. Her command from miami is to close the plant and fire everyone. But, she has a better idea in order to make money for the company and save everybody’s job. Using her assistant recipie for tapioca she saves the factory.
    1 c-starting a new business? Lucy did not want to close the factory and fire all the workers, she gets to know them and starts to care for them and also for their families. While eating the tapioca she gets an idea for a new business venture. The idea is unique, since there are little or no competitors in the town. However, first, she has to evaluate whether or not producing tapioca pudding is convenient. With Blanche and some tapioca, she heads to the Great American Mall in Minneapolis. There they conduct their own market survey. The Tapioca is a hit. Lucy gets with Stu to formulate a working plan to use the existing equipment to make the pudding. She also receives help from ted. Even though she is worried at first, due to some problems with the machinery, she is really motivated by all the workers. She always has in mind the final goal, saving the factory. The plan works, and the tapioca ends up being what saves the plant and the workers.

  2. Juan Landolfo and Tadeo Helou says:

    A) The protagonist had to adapt herself and accommodate her life to a totally new way of living, which Minnesota had. This small town was very calm and quiet with its nice citizens which were characterized by their friendship and traditions. The way of living of the citizens was slower and with no stress. She came from Miami where everything goes on and stressful situations occur every time. She goes to dinner with the locals and spends new year with them. She was impressed by the fact that they spend new year with their entire families, enjoying a nice and warm meal. With peace and no stress. By the end of the story she managed to adapt herself and understood the villagers mood, making new friends and deciding to live a new life in Minnesota.

    B) During her time in Minnesota, Lucy had to learn to develop different task that consist in coordinating and organizing a group of workers in a small factory. She understood the real value of friendship and neighborhood. Due to learning values, she worries for workers and their families, she helps everyone remain their jobs. She even risks her carrier for them. Also she connects better with the place and her job and in this way she copes with the stress. She connects with people and workers so she starts enjoying her job. In this way she leaves aside stressful situations.

    C) Lucy felt confident since the very beginning when she decided to start her new business. She truly believed that their new product would succeed in the market, and she was impulsed mainly by the fact that she wanted to help the workers and didn’t leave them unemployed. She made a market research about tapioca because she loved it when she had tasted. There she realized that everyone liked and so since that money she knew that tapioca would be a boom. She stressed out in the process because the machine did not work. However, Ted and the locals helped her to calm down. When she started the new business she was confident and with no stress about it.

    Landolfo and Helou

  3. Mechi Anelo, Delfi Urso, Guille Allende and Julia Molmenti says:

    1. She copes with the stress of moving into a new town by forcing herself to adapt to Minnesotta’s traditions and habits, and relate with the people, for example when she reached the crowd celebrating christmas and when she went to return the bowl of tapioca to her assistant. She started to fit more when Ted made her get involved with the workers like going hunting.

    2. At first she was not welcomed by the workers and they made fun of her. She expected them to work in a way they weren’t used to, so she had so adapt to their demands. Ted helped her to change her demands into something more alike to life in minnessota and reach the workers in a more friendly way. She showed herself willing to cooperate, that she wasn’t there to make things worse, but to make the situation as less tragic as possible.

    3. When she first finds out in the meeting with the board that they wanted to shut down the production line, she felt impotent as she couldn’t come up with any solution. Also, the people from Minnesota got mad at her as they thought that she did not care about them losing their jobs. Anyway, once she convinced them, it wasn’t so hard for her to cope with the stress of starting a new business, as all the workers, although some hesitated at first, were willing to cooperate in order to bring the company back to life. They depended on the success of this new business

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