Stabat Mater

Two videos that will help you understand this poem and will give you ideas to prepare your own videos on other poems!

-Which one do you find clearer? Why? Share your ideas in the blog

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2 Responses to Stabat Mater

  1. Lucia frias says:

    The first video was the one I liked the most. I think it was clearer, the person that spoke was more fluid and the way in which the poem was presented was easier to follow. I think that the first video had more information included than the other and it also gave a clear introduction with many rhetorical questions.

  2. salvadorcastagnino says:

    In my opinion the first video was better. I think this because I find it more complete, the part that is missing in the second video is the analysis of the title before the poem and the background of the writer which is always very important information.

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