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Writing essays

Essay Writing The Easy Way: Quote Sandwich from Soudea Forbes on Vimeo. Introducing quotations from Pato_Ch

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The Yellow Wall Paper

Hello everyone! I hope you have really enjoyed reading this story. For this activity, click and read instructions in the canvas.

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The Yellow Wall Paper

Ceci told me you are reading and analysing this wonderful story. We believe it would be a good idea to use paragraphs from another story “The Mark on the Wall” (Virginia Woolf) to compare and contrast ideas, feelings, thoughts, and so … Continue reading

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The Clod and The Pebble

Before reading the poem, let’s get to know the writer a little. Blake from Pato_Ch Now listen to the poem This poem belongs to the Romantic period. Read the following articles and find out the characteristics of Romanticism. Romantic Poetry … Continue reading

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Working with adjectives

Pair work: choose a picture and write a description. -Describe the place in detail -Describe the situation (use your imagination) and the feelings of the people. Post your text in the blog. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 … Continue reading

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