Poetry review

Check these questions on the poem we have recently read.

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  1. Discuss Wroth’s views on love as evidenced in her poem “Song”.
  2. “heart and Mind”Look at the initial conversation between the Lion and the Lioness in the first stanza. How does Sitwell use language to present a picture of youthful vitality, strength and energy? We are plunged immediately into the Lion’s address to the Lioness, who is asked to think of a time when she is ‘amber dust’. Note the frequent use of ‘amber’ and ‘gold’ in the poem. What is the effect of the contrasting image at the end of line seven?

    In the second stanza, the Skeleton speaks of being consumed by the ‘flames of the heart’. He compares his former self to Hercules and Samson, heroic figures from Greek myth and the Bible, who were immensely strong and both slayers of lions but unable to defeat time.

    In his words to the Moon, the Sun also speaks of death, decay and ‘a hopeless love’, and the impossibility of the heart and mind being one. Comment on the use of colours all through the poem.

  3. “The lost Woman”

Tension is  evident in the tone and language. Comment on this.

Why didn’t Beer call the poem ‘My Mother’?

Comment on the twist in the end.

4. “She Was a Phantom of Delight”

The three stanzas in the poem depict the three points in theirdeveloping relationship: when they first meet; as they begin to know each other; and afterthey are married. Give evidence for this.

Comment on perfection.


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