Writing a critical literary paper for Term 3

Two links that will help you to write your paper for the end of the year.

Literary analysis

Writing tips


  1. Explore how the writers deal with horror and suspense in these 3 stories. Also deal with evil and madness. Show understanding of Literature.

-The Fall of the House of Usher (Edgar A. Poe)

-The Door in the Wall (HG Wells)

-The Hollow of the Three Hills  (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

2. Choose 3 poems from Songs of Ourselves which deal with love and compare and contrast them in your paper. Show understanding of Literature.

3. Comment closely on these 3 poems:

-What is our Life?

-Go, Lovely Rose

-To the Virgins to Make much of Time (http://www.shmoop.com/gather-ye-rosebuds/)

In which ways are the similar or different? Show understanding of Literature.

4. Richard III:  Analyse Richard as a “Machiavellian” Villain. Why is he so evil? Why does the audience hate him but love him at the same time? Show understanding of Literature, especially drama. (check your booklet for info about drama)

5. Is Richard a hero or a villain? Analyse this character all throughout the play. Show understanding of Literature, especially drama.  (check your booklet for info about drama)

6. Choose a vocabulary area that we have studied this year and write a story using the vocabulary: natural disasters, horror and suspense, car accidents, etc. Mind your grammar and avoid clichés. (Like….it had all been a dream). Give the story a title.

Write 3000 words.

You can follow Carol’s plan as regards presentation of your paper.

Open a drive so I can follow your writing and help you with comments.

Hand in your paper the day of the term test. I won´t accetp a drive document. Take your paper to school.


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