The Rain Horse

After reading the story “The Rain Horse”, let´s work on deep analysis.

Key events for summary. Work in groups and prepare a drive that will help you write an essay later.

  1. Man, collar up in driving rain on hillside. Nature is dominant and man is not significant here – bored and frustrated.
  2. First view of “thin, black horse”. Use the similes of ill-omen.
  3. Man finds shelter through “barricade of brambles” and the ground sucking at his feet.
  4. Second view of Horse -“watching him”.
  5. Horse attack – detail in description.
  6. Horse: “tall as a statue” watching him. NB his state of mind.
  7. Horse attack with onomatopoeia.
  8. Finds stones as weapons. Note comparison with eggs.
  9. Horse attack 3, man fights back. Note PF in passage.
  10. Horse attack and hit with stones under “superior guidance”
  11. Horse cat-like pain response –domesticity. Man becomes dominant again
  12. Closing image – man in barn. Ashamed and in pain.  Other images?

This will help you!!

Write an essay

-Ted Hughes creates a mysterious and gloomy atmosphere from the outset, by means of the description of the valley the character is gazing upon. Do you agree?

-Explore how Ted Hughes vividly builds up sense of fear and menace as the horse stalks the young man in the story. Support your answer with details from the writing.

-How does the sudden charging of the horse contribute to the dramatic impact of the writing?

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