Essay writing in pairs: S1 & S2

Dear students

This time, you´ll be writing an essay in pairs S1 and S2 together!!

Check who your partner is and work in a drive.

To what extent is Passion a poem about unrequited love?

Martín Anania, Ines Galmarini and Felix Okecki

Santi Blasco and Sofi Montoya

Sil Braun and Tota Lupi

Lucas Campion and Lucía Frías

Flor Claps, María Roggero and Juan Stordeur

Chivy and Agus Bravo

Gon Criniti and Euge Kenny

Vicky Landolfo and Tin Reynal

Jero Leguizamón and Gastón Posse

Ignacio Maestro Malek, Fran Lusso and Alina Claps

Vignesh Manwani and Juan Cruz Subirá

Fefi Marty, Male Millán and Salvador Castagnino

Benja Mayol and Feli Donato

Miu Montanelli and Vicky Quiroga

Margui Müller, Mili Mèndez and Trini Torrendel

Juana Perez M and Fran Costamagna

Rochi Vago and Mati Giambruni

Martu Ibarbia an Jose Tasca

Lola Villegas A and Clara Allende I

Deadline: June 19



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