Richard III Characters

List of characters

Protagonist: Richard, Duke of Gloucester and Later King
Antagonist: No Obvious Antagonist Until Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, Appears in Act V to Oppose Richard

Richard: Duke of Gloucester (son of Richard Plantagenet, the Duke of York in Henry VI Part I and Henry VI Part II). Gloucester  gleefully murders his way to power to become King Richard III. At the beginning of the play, Richard is in his early twenties; at the end, when he dies in the Battle of Bosworth Field, he is thirty-five.
Edward IV: Sickly King of England and brother of Richard. Edward dies and leaves two boys as heirs to the throne—and prey for Richard.
Queen Elizabeth: Wife of Edward IV. 
Duchess of York: Mother of Edward IV.
Earl Rivers: Brother of Queen Elizabeth.
Edward, Prince of Wales: Son of Edward IV.
Richard, Duke of York: Son of Edward IV.
Marquis of Dorset, Lord Grey: Sons of Elizabeth by a Previous Marriage.
George, Duke of Clarence: Brother of Edward and Richard.
Boy: Son of the Duke of Clarence.
Girl: Daughter of the Duke of Clarence.
Margaret: Widow of King Henry VI.
Lady Anne: Widow of the son of King Henry VI. She marries Richard.
Henry Tudor: Earl of Richmond, who becomes King Henry VII.
Cardinal Bourchier: Archbishop of Canterbury.
Thomas Rotherham: Archbishop of York.
John Morton: Bishop of Ely.
Duke of Buckingham: Key supporter of Richard. He turns against Richard after the latter announces plans to murder Prince Edward and Prince Richard, just children. 
Lord William Hastings: Important nobleman. Because he supports the accession of Prince Edward after Edward IV dies, Richard orders his execution.
Sir James Tyrrell: Unscrupulous nobleman whom Richard hires to kill Prince Edward and Prince Richard.
Other Important Noblemen: Earl of Surrey, Duke of Norfolk, Lord Stanley (Early of Derby), Lord Lovel, Sir William Catesby, Sir Richard Ratcliff, Earl of Oxford, Sir Thomas Vaughan, Sir James Blount, Sir Walter Herbert, Sir William Brandon.
Sir Robert Brakenbury: Lieutenant of the Tower.
Christopher Urswick: Priest.
Tressel, Berkeley: Attendants of Lady Anne.
Ghosts: Spirits of Richard III’s murder victims.
Dighton, Forrest: Murderers.
Others: Another Priest, Lord Mayor of London, Sheriff of Wiltshire, Lords, Attendants, Citizens, Messengers, Soldiers, Pursuivant, Scrivener. (A pursuivant is an attendant or an officer ranking below a herald. A scrivener is a copier of documents. The scrivener in Richard III prepares papers indicting Lord Hastings).

How do they relate one another?

Make a list of relations to take to class!

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